Welcome to my, as yet unamed, railroad.

This is an ambitious project to build a model H0 railroad in our garden.

It is totally ficticious, but is based on some factual elements of the railroads in the Pittsburg area of Pennsylvania, and draws on other real locations around the US (Such as Rochelle, IL).

As I live in the UK, I have tried to source as much information as I can from various websites, publications and DVD's, and a list of my reference material can be found in the References section.

This has been a railroad, 10 years in the making, and finally this year, work should start on its construction. It's history and evolution can be found in the "About the Railroad" section.

Update: 5 February 2014

The garden railroad has been put on hold for a while, but that does not mean the railroad is dead! I'm about to start construction on a smaller railroad in the workshop which is based on the shortline component of the garden railroad. This will enable me to have somewhere to store (and display) a lot of the buildings, but also to finally run and operate some trains. In designing this layout I have made some changes to the smaller industries and improved the track layout, and will be duplicated for the garden railroad.

I've also moved the location of the railroad to the Indiana/Illinois border and to a partly fictitious part of that area where CN, UP, Indiana trains can be seen.